Our School

Sri Dharam Educational Trust was founded by our school management headed by the Mr. H. Bablasa, Mr. H .Jinraj and Mr.H.Naveen Kumar Golcha in the year 2013 to provide world-class education among the young aspirants of under developed Villipuram District in Tamilnadu. Part of their vision “SRI DHARAMCHAND JAIN SCHOOL (SDJS)” was founded in the year 2015. SDJS provides an effective learning through excellent ambience, which is the core of “Modern Learning”.

SDJS management strongly believes in modern schooling which is conducive learning atmosphere. Students are in a position to acquire subject competency, higher order thinking skills and excellent application skills. SDJS strongly opines that co-scholastic activities are inevitable to provide such environment where all students get equal opportunities to upgrade themselves in the much-needed learning style.

SDJS is concerned about the general well-being of its staff and students. Taking into consideration the rapidly changing lifestyles in this technology-driven world, SDJS has devised a new formula for its learners. SDJS is one among the top schools that provides Vegetarian Ethnic Food to its students and staff. Different menus are followed every day. SDJS ensures everyone has a soup, healthy snack and lunch during his/her stay at school.


SDJS provides a team of talented teaching faculty who are experts in their subject and area of interest. All staff are trained and receive in-house training on a regular basis so as to enrich and empower every faculty, which provides a platform for all to meet the challenges from other institution.

Hence SDJS shall leave no stone unturned in executing the stupendous task in reaching the goal envisioned by Mr.D.Heerachand and Mr.M.C.Dharamchand, the great personalities who have shaped Tindivanam to be on par with any other city in all spheres.