Quality Policy

1 . The school’s commitment is to nurture the future global citizens who will positively contribute toward India’s economic development and world harmony.

2 . For this, the mission of SRIDHARAMCHAND JAIN SCHOOL is to train the young minds to discover and harness their resources, which will enable them to lead a more meaningful & fulfilling life of personal, professional & social excellence.

3 . The school endeavors to provide academic, cultural, social, physical and moral education of world class standards.

4 . To ensure continual improvement there will be constant introspection, assessment and implementation leading to the satisfaction of our customers – parents and guardians.

Quality Objectives

1 . To provide modern and time – tested techniques in the class room and electronic teaching aids for more effective and pleasurable learning experience.

2 . To motivate and encourage the students to always strive for better standards in a every subject and every class so that failures are eliminated.

3 . To develop and interest to learn and the self confidence to implement, through participation in literary, cultural, social and sporting activities.

4 . To develop effective teaching methods and skills through regular in-service training sessions and motivational programmes conducted by the school.

5 . Every teacher attends minimum of two annual training programmes.

6 . To closely interact with parents and guardians for better achieving the final objective.